How should I search the forum for a occurrences of a phrase?

I searched in Questions & suggestions about how to use the “mouse display” window, and received a lot of search results. However, when I tried to use the browser’s find on page to locate an instance of the phrase “mouse display”, no results were returned. How should I search to find instances of the phrase “mouse display” among the posts?

I don’t know how to say this, but I think what tripped me up is that the category label in search results aren’t related to the results, they just provide a link back to the category, the way it was before the search. I guess I expected to be able to click in a search result to open the designated post. I’m not sure what it is about the format of the search results that fooled me. Never mind.

Sounds like you have figured this out for yourself. For the benefit of others, here's a screenshot giving some instructions:

Not sure if I understand your question correctly.

To search for a string wrap it in quote signs, as @JMichaelTX has shown. This should work that way among all site searches and among all major search engines (well, I noticed that certain engines have started to ignore the quote marks, above all Google, but also the better ones, like DDG).

To do a search on the page I usually just invoke the browser’s page search with ⌘F.

But, somehow your post #2 tells me that the problem is a different one. Unfortunately I don’t understand it.

Thanks. It was a perceptual issue on my part. :blush: