How to access menu items which appear only when I press the option Key

example Forklift app (equivalent of Finder) and the select menu item action

thanks in advance for your time and help

Hi @ronald, I don't have Forklift but I recall that if you use the drop-down for the Menu in the action it shows all the available menu items. For example, this shows all of those under the File menu for Safai:


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Hello @tiffle . Thank you for your suggestion. My post was not clear and you could not have guessed. Sorry. I tried exactly what you describe and the output is haphazard. Sometimes the filename, other times the UNIX path, using the action I posted above.

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I had the same problem with an app that I no longer use, which is why I no longer have the macro unfortunately. In my case the KM macro worked without opt.

For the variant with opt I did (from memory) the following.

  • "Select menu" only opens the menu and leaves it open.
  • "Press and hold" opt
  • type letter and enter to trigger the menu item.

Not elegant, but at least it worked. The pauses were necessary. Of course, I have no idea if this will work in your case ... something like this


a very smart idea. thanks very much