How to access / toggle items located deep inside a menu

in Scrivener, I often need to change the value of after (step 5) to 0 1 2 or 3. My problem is that it is located deep inside the Scrivener menu and requires a lot of clicks.

Is there any way to create a macro to set the value at step 5 or to toggle values between 0 and 3 ?

thanks in advance for your time and help

Can you TAB between fields after the properties window/sheet is displayed?
If so, then use the KM Type a Keystroke the proper number of times to get to the target field, and then Insert Text by typing.

If that does not work, then you might be able to use AppleScript UI scripting.

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great idea: I will use KBM menu action for the 1st part and UI browser for the 2nd part.
thanks again very much

iola is a key scrivener support person and also a big fan of Keyboard Maestro.
Post the question to iola on the scrivener msg board

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very good idea. Will Post today. Thank you for the suggestion.

This sort of formatting change, when commonly made in capable writing software, is usually accomplished using a style sheet. I see Scrivener offers them, but I'm not certain if users can assign a keyboard shortcut to specific style sheets (or if the menus would allow users to do this with Keyboard Maestro—Format > Style looks like a possibility). I would suggest looking into style sheets. Utilized correctly, they ensure formatting consistency and easy document-wide alterations if you decide formatting should change (e.g., if you decide all headings should be underlined, just change the style sheet for headings and all of them get the adjustment).


There probably should be a short delay in this - while the dialog pops up. 0.2s is what I typically start with.

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yes, thank you

yes, a perfect solution. Easy to setup and easy to toggle paragraph spacings.

I have only one question: why didn't I think of that ?

thanks very much !!

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