How to activate app in free floating window. example: the impressive PIM growly notes

Growly Notes is a very impressive PIM and note taking app, part of 19 free apps by Chris Mason. Don't be misled by the fact that the apps are free. The apps are high quality.

Disclaimer: I don't know the developer.

In particular, Growly Notes is rather unique in that it offers canvas type free form (which makes full use of the page real-estate) note taking which is very useful for taking various notes while working at the computer all day. The notes can be anything : text with or without images, links, complete scrollable active, (within the canvas), entire scrollable PDF files, etc all within the same canvas (page), and subsequently manipulated any way: copy, paste, merged etc

The only problem in terms of workflow and note taking is the fact that there is no floating window option and the developer there will no be any anytime soon.

My question : is there any way to create a macro to open an app in a free floating window ? The only useful apps I know like Fluid work only with web sites. Afloat is no longer supported and buggy.

thanks in advance for your time and help

Many thanks, Ronald, for the link. The app really looks interesting, also the other “little” apps there. Will check them all out later. I love to play around with new things :hugs:

Also very nice cat images on the About page :wink:

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yes, they are very nice images

There is a Floating Note thingy in the Window menu:


Isn’t that what you are looking for?

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thank you Tom for looking at the app.

Unfortunately the floating window is different. It is not a canvas free form style window. It is like any note taking app. What I am looking for the the canvas free form note format in a floating window.

Yes, I’ve noticed I can only convert text boxes to floating windows. But, hey, that’s already much more “float” than most apps have to offer…

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thank you Tom !