How to activate Cardhop with a macro

I would like to activate Cardhop with the cursor in the search window. However, after activitation i still needs to go to the menubar and click on Cardhop for showing the search window.

You mean that in something like that @Gerrit?

all you have to do is activate cardhop in KM. The cursor would then automatically be in the search field.

Here are a few examples of how you can use Cardhop more effectively with KM. Please note that the video shows a somewhat older workflow (macOS High Sierra)

That's exactly what i want. Have bought Cardhop recently and still looking for all the possibilities. Very nice workflow.
Noticed that you have a floating window. I need to click on the menubar for that window ?

Have found in Preferences that i can detach the window from the menubar.

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