How to add task (with automated option) in omnifocus with URL link


I'm new with the amazing keyboard maestro.
I'm looking to add task/project in omnifocus from keyboard maestro in different situation, for instance, when I'm creating a folder somewhere. I was expecting to use the URL link scheme of omnifocus for that, and I was wondering if I was missing something because the only way to "open" this kind of link I've found in keyboard maestro was via safari (and press keystroke enter....).

By the way, that's not working with URL link for finder path like File://Macintosh%20HD/Library/Application%20Support/

I think it's really handy to use this URL links, and I know we can trigger some KM action with these kind of link, so what do you think? Am I going in a wrong way?


Add task to omnifocus.kmactions (1.7 KB)

As a reference to anyone else reading this, the action posted looks like this:


@gigisteph The kind of action you're looking for is called, simply enough, Open a URL.
Use the same OmniFocus URL scheme URL in that action, and you won't have to go through Safari or use any simulated keystrokes to add a new task/project to OF:


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Hello!! Thanks a lot for your help!!....I'm really sorry I thought I tried this one (and I'm sure I did, maybe the link I wrote wasn't correct)..... :smirk: