How to align text at a specific symbol ?

Hi, there. I was wondering if someone could help me with this.
How can I align items at "&" and " \\"?

first & second & third \\
first_1 & second_2 & third_3 \\
first_11 & second_223 & third_3334 \\

Leading to the desired result:

Thanks in advance!

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It's not easy. Please see the picture:
Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 12.56.58
These two pieces of texts, they are completely same. Only showed in different font. Set the font to Courier is the trick.
The keyword here is monospace.
I create a long AppleScript to do what you want to do. Due to my English skill, I cannot explain it in detail, but I write a lot of comment in the script. It's not simple and beautiful, but it works in limited condition. You can check if it helps.
ANSWER test nH align special character in string v0_Backup_20200323_1248_v0.kmmacros (13.9 KB)

Hi, Yu.
Your English is better as mine. And your solution is amazing. It is as exactly as what I needed.
This thought process must have taken a long time.
Many thanks!