How to automate Filezilla?

I have this client that sends me an e-mail with a folder name to their FTP server, e.g.:


(This folder contains files for me to download.)

When I read the Filezilla Wiki, I think that it should be possible to create a macro that upon selection of the string referring to the FTP server folder name, will launch and login Filezilla to this folder. Since many of the info is in Windows style, I have problems to transfer to macOS.

BTW: My download folder is the Desktop folder.

Here are the login data for the client's FTP server:

Server URL:
User name: sugardaddy
Password: 1972

I'd be grateful for some pointers into the right direction :slight_smile:

Hey Hans,

Something like this AppleScript might work:

tell application "Filezilla"
   open location "sftp://username:password@server:port"
end tell

I won't touch Filezilla anymore (even for testing), since they installed toobars in my browsers without permission a while back.

My Go-To FTP client these days is Transmit ($45.00 U.S.), although I own licenses for several more.


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