How to automatically check multiple boxes in browser questionnaire


I was wondering if there is a way to create a macro which would check the 3 radio buttons (or boxes) within the red boxes. The red boxes are added on to the snapshot of the URL site questionnaire, and not part of the questionnaire.

I tried with click at found image and spacebar to check, but the outcome of macro execution is not reliable.

Thanks very much for your time and help

I used this with click at found image


I need to check 3 boxes as per below (ignore the red boxes which I added to the snapshot)

Hey Ronald,

Try looking into the browser form actions if you haven't already; this is just the sort of thing they were made for.


Thanks very much.

After reading your post, I read the documentation.

I just need a bit more help to put me on the right track.

let's take the checkbox below and the action below it.

The macro would be in my chrome macro palette

What do I write in the field 'Set checkbox:'. I tried writing I learned something new, but it did not work.

thanks again very much


thanks very much. i now figured it out (with your help)

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