How to Automatically Turn on Grayscale When Browser Goes to a Specific URL?

Is it possible to use Keyboard Maestro to automatically turn on/off grayscale when a browser (Brave in my case) goes to a specific URL?

I'd like to use grayscale 95% of the time, but when I'm on Youtube or Netflix I'd rather watch things in color.


Edit: This may be easier - I found a program that does the grayscale GitHub - rkbhochalya/grayscale-mode: A macOS menu bar app that gives you more control over Grayscale Mode., so maybe there's a way to close this application when the browser is on Netflix and open it when I close the tab? Would that be too cpu-intensive?

Keyboard Maestro doesn't have a trigger for that, because it would be too resource intensive to constantly monitor web browsers (and not all of them support a monitoring mechanism).

So – you could cobble together something that would work – but you're really better off just using a keyboard shortcut to toggle grayscale when you need it.

Here's something you could try with Grayscale-Mode...

Auto-Grayscale.kmmacros (27 KB)

Macro screenshot

:point_up:t3:This should disable grayscale for Netflix and YouTube (only) in Brave. It needs to be in a Brave-specific macro group.

Grayscale ON.kmmacros (27 KB)

Macro screenshot

:point_up:t3:This should ensure grayscale is enabled when Brave is no longer the front app. It needs to be in a global macro group.

Replace the coloured actions with your Grayscale-Mode shortcuts.

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This is perfect, thank you!!! Is there a way to do this for apps? For example, if VLC is the focused window?

Sure, no problem.

Grayscale - VLC.kmmacros (23 KB)

Macro screenshot

This needs to be in a global macro group.

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Thank you so much.

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