How to Build a Timecode Stopwatch?

Hey everyone,

Are you a user of Screenflow software to record screencasts and online calls?
I want to build a Macro that could start with every recording (manually starting it works) and then, while the video is ongoing, a Global Hotkey Trigger would append the current timecode (as per the stopwatch’s time) to a log file.

This would help later on when creating the Chapter Markers for the video as Screenflow doesn’t allow to mark the video while the recording is ongoing.

How would you go about this? I have no clue on how to even begin with this one.


Trigger a macro when you start the recording (using a macro that itself starts the recording is a good solution to this).

The macro simple saved the current time in a variable:

  • Set Variable Start Time to calculation NOW()

Then have another hot key triggered macro that simply writes the offset time into the file or types it in. The only tricky part is converting the time difference to a hour/minute/second time.

(with version 7.0 you don't need all those silly brackets either side of the MOD).

The fine folks at MacGeekGab asked me about doing more or less exactly this just recently and discuss it at the start of the podcast.


Peter, this works great! Thank you very much. I will further clean up—and stress—the macro and post it on the macro section later on.