How to change mouse DPI (sensitivity) with a Macro

I have a Logitech MS Master 3, I have my mouse speed cranked to full on system preferences, and run about 75% on Logi Options. it runs super fast and it's great for everyday use, i have started to edit pictures and presentations where i need a much lower speed to be able to edit them easily. Any ideas how i can achieve this?

I have a Stream Deck arriving soon, i was hoping i could add a button to turn the DPI down to a set number and then press again to revert.

Thanks in advance guys!

Does the Logitech software not offer profiles (groups of settings) that you can switch between? When I used a Logitech mouse (a long time ago), setting up such profiles made it easy to switch speed settings just by pressing one of the extra buttons on the mouse.

If you want to change the mouse speed settings in System Preferences/Settings, I wonder if someone here might have a solution based on Applescript. Maybe. Otherwise it looks as though it may be possible executing a shell script. Maybe. :slight_smile:

Hey There! it does offer profiles by application, the only issue is you can't (atleast as far as i can see) change this with a button, it changes automatically with each application.

Would be interested to see if someone does have an Applescript or Shell Script to achieve this :smile:

So I've found a workaround to this. I created a macro that opens the system settings mouse pane, waits a second and then clicks where 50% on the slider would be, it then closes the app. I created a second that clicks where 100% would be.

I was hoping to be able to create a script to do this without having to open the system settings but this seems to be working for now.

Out of curiosity I googled "logitech mx mouse dpi script macos" and came up with this This is how you set exact DPI on MX Master 3 on macOS.

I can't test it myself as I don't have a Logitech mouse but KM has the ability to work with JSON and read/write files so you should be able to create a macro that doesn’t depend on mouse movements to achieve what you want.

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