How to change the keyboard shortcuts to mutiple macros at once?

I often have multiple macros using the same keyboard shortcut, so that they display a palette I then can choose the individual macro from.

If I want to change this shortcut, it obviously has to be changed on all these macros. How can I do this in one go for all the macros? (I can easily select them together - but then the shortcut GUI disappears...)

Try assigning a hotkey to show/hide palette to the whole group, not individual macros:

Thanks. Interesting out-of-the-box solution!

I tried it and it (somewhat) works. However I had to add single key shortcuts to each macro to select it with teh keyboard in the palette.

Also, is there a way to close the palette after choosing/executing one macro? (When having the common shortcut on the macros and not on the palette the palette disappears automatically after choosing a macro.)

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Another way is to make a stand-alone macro with a Prompt With List action that lists the macros, allowing you to arrow-scroll, type, or click to select the macro, then include an Execute Macro action to launch the chosen macro. Then you have only one trigger (the stand-alone macro), and you can change it at will.

These macros make it easier to manage triggers across multiple macros: Copy, Paste, and Batch-Delete Triggers

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Works perfectly. That's exactly what I was looking for! Thanks heaps.

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You are right! Not sure if this is a bug or deliberate design decision…

Hi, I'm trying your suggestion but I struggle to Execute a Macro by name, UI forces me to choose a specific macro when adding that action.

any ideas?

Have you tried the Trigger Macro by Name action?

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:facepalm: thanks, works! And I already started to think that I'm proficient with KM :slight_smile:

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@strajk, you might also want to consider using a third party macro to trigger a macro by name:
MACRO: Execute Macro by Name (Spotlight) by @DanThomas

I much prefer it because it searches ONLY in the NAME of the Macros, whereas the KM native action also searches all text in the Macro.

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@strajk Another way to search for Keyboard Maestro macros, if they have a shortcut, is KeyCue. There you can even see the shortcut assigned to them for later use.

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Cool, did not know about that, thx! I'm using Alfred with KM plugin, which also does a great job for this.

In the context of the original question, I was searching for a way to implement this suggestion by @thoffman666

I've already solved my problem by using totally different solution, so this is not urgent at all – I just wanted to see if it's possible :slight_smile:

KeyCue is definitely amazing piece of software :slight_smile:

@halloleo I can second that - KeyCue is such a useful little app to have. Really quick way to find the shortcuts in any running app including Keyboard Maestro.

This is amazing @gglick

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That's an interesting idea. Do you have a working example you could share with us?
I don't see how to make this work, since "Execute a Macro" does NOT have an option to use a KM Variable for the Macro.

Here's what I meant.

Choose Macro Macro (v9.0.5)

Choose Macro.kmmacros (3.4 KB)

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