How to choose current browser window

I have a macro that enters a URL that I go to a lot and performs a few onscreen actions. Works great. However, I would like for it to use the current active browser tab but instead it always opens a new tab. I don't really see an action that will allow me to use the current tab. I am a Firefox user and there is nothing specific for that browser like there is for Chrome and Safari.

Any ideas?

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See Browser Window Actions action Set URL.

EDIT: 2020-01-24 18:33 GMT-6

Sorry, I missed that you are using FireFox. So the above KM Action will not work for you.

To be clear, the "Front Browser" Actions will also work with any Chromium-based browser, like Brave Browser.

According to the wiki, browser actions "work with Safari or Google Chrome (or whichever of the two was last at the front)." Since you're using Firefox, try having your macro activate Firefox (which should activate the currently active browser tab), simulate a command-L keystroke (which should select the address bar), simulate typing or pasting the URL (you may need to sanitize the text, if it contains spaces or smart quotes or the like), and then simulate the Return keystroke. It's a bit kludgy, but it should work! I don't know of a simple less-kludgy option (which doesn't prove there isn't one...)

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