How to Click a Button?

Hi Friends, I’m coming from Imacros. Using the record function in there I was able to have a macro set up with the ability to click buttons.

I tried to re do on key maestro and can’t figure how to make it click a button and not a pixel coordinate. I searched youtube and some people suggested taking a screen shot of the button and pasting it in.

Can someone tell me how to click a button? The webpage I access involves clicking a button, selecting the number of lines to add, and then repeating this. So the button changes places and I can’t get the program to record properly.

Use the Press a Button action.

You cannot record it, so you will need to manually enter it.

If you select Help from the menu in Keyboard Maestro, and type in Button, it will show you the All Actions ➤ Press a Button menu, as well as the All Actions ➤ Help: Press a Button menu which takes you directly to the link above on the wiki.