How to click on (select from) drop down list with a practical example (macro included)


I have had this problem for a long time and it reappears today as I am trying to write a macro for the EXCELLENT OUTSTANDING app called Anybox to manage all types of Links, including bookmarks and much more (all link related) (I have to relation to the author - this is my personal opinion).

I am trying to create a macro to create automatic backups (exports) of all kinds contained in the apps including tags and folder hierarchy. At the last step, my problem is how to click on the dropdown list and choose Tags (I will write another macro to click on Folders).

What the macro does and works:

  • trigger menu item
  • add the time at the end of the name of the backup (Anybox only writes the date)
  • change directory to my default Anybox backup (export) directory

I am stuck at the last step, namely to choose to include either tags or folders.

What I tried:

  • searching the KM forum
  • press a button KM action
  • show menu of button KM action (can't use because I can't have the anybox save file as front window at the same time as I am working in KM)
  • click on found image. I tried all kinds of variations of the image.
  • using a UI browser script (which you can see in the disabled action at the bottom)

thank you very much ! ronald

Export as Bookmarks - Anybox .kmmacros (31.3 KB)

Event though AnyBox supports AppleScript I can't find a way to do what you want that way.

So - here's the easy way (!)

Once you've got to this stage:

pressing the Tab key 7 times will bring you here:

Now the Includes field is selected, so

Press T to select the Tags option


Press F to select the Folders option

You can try this out by doing it manually - which is how I did it - I just worked through your whole macro using my keyboard and just added the extra keystrokes to see how far I could get.

I noticed a couple of things:

  • don't let KM type those keystrokes too quickly
  • pressing F when Tags is showing takes a little while for Folders to show and vice versa.

You could do this via Find Image type actions but the keystroke approach is direct and works nicely.

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yes, a very intelligent approach. Excellent idea which works perfectly. And as you said the repeat action is too quick and I had to do it manually ( series of 1 return + pause). Thank you VERY much

Idea: for @peternlewis . Would it be possible to add the possibility of adding a pause between repeats in the repeat action? in this case, repeat is definitely too quick. thank you.


You can already do that in two different ways:





Both of these methods will add time between each action.


thank you very much @Airy . I should have thought about the first approach and I am learning something new with your second suggestion. I am grateful for your input.

You are welcome.

The first year that I used KM, everything was new and confusing. Then, eventually, I became good enough to just read the online manual and I could understand most of what I read. But there are still several parts of KM that I haven't learned much about yet.


it's a huge endeavour. I think that the life saviour is this forum. Otherwise, I would have blocked a long time ago.