How to click on the "Keep me logged in" checkbox in the new Fastmail design?

For quite a while I have been using Keyboard Maestro to automatically click on the "Keep me logged in" checkbox on Fastmail's login page. Recently Fastmail renewed their UI and now my macro no longer works, even though I did create a new screenshot of the checkbox (to be recognised and clicked on). Somehow the "click left button" on the image does no longer work...

(A much better solution would have been to use Tab to move to the checkbox, but the Fastmail GUI does not seem to support that)

How can I make this work again? How to click on the "Keep me logged in" checkbox in thenew Fastmail design?

Here's one way to do it using JavaScript. This way you don't have to worry about found images nor key commands. Try it out and let me know if it does or does not work for you.

NOTE: You will need to have "Allow JavaScript from Apple Events" checked in the Develop menu of Safari for this to work. Let me know too if that doesn’t make sense (or if you use a different browser).

Click checkbox using querySelector.kmmacros (1.9 KB)

Macro screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

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I like your idea, but I should have mentioned that I use Fastmail in Fastmate; a dedicated App - not in a browser.

Hmmm.... interesting! Then it sounds like just a matter of trying to grab a new screenshot and/or adjusting the fuzziness. Found image actions can be rather tricky to get just right. You could check the Display box in the actions to determine if KM is finding the image or not and go from there too.

Never tried Display before... Learned something new! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the results are rather disappointing:

  • when using the leftmost setting (sharp e), Keyboard Maestro does not detect the screenshot at all
  • when using the rightmost setting (fuzzy e), Keyboard Maestro detects all other corners (?!) with a score of over 60%, but the checkbox itself with a mere 4%... Huh? (My screenshot contains the checkbox plus the text "Keep me logged in" on the right)

I did not know that Fastmate supports user scripts...

So once again, thanks a lot @cdthomer!

Your suggestion and Joël's additional help made it so much easier (and better) to do this in KM!

(Will probably even save me from updating the macro now that Fastmail supports dark mode)

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Oh that’s great, glad to help! For me, starting to use dark mode is one of the reasons I started looking for better ways to interact with apps and websites to avoid found image issues. Glad you got it going!

I'm starting to have doubts that it works as I expected...

Despite the checkbox showing as checked I still get logged out of Fastmail after several hours of inactivity.

Looks like the UI is updated, but the not the underlying logic?

I can't really speak with any authority on this but I imagine that has to do with the website itself as I experience the same thing sometimes on other websites.