How to Close a Lot of Display Text Windows Quickly

Hi all,

I'm still fairly new to Keyboard Maestro. I've created a few simple macros, and now I'm experimenting with some of the control flow options. This macro happened when I was testing out different display text features. As you can probably guess, it just kept opening new display windows until I hit the space bar - filling up two monitors in less than a minute.

I figured out how to create the reminder I wanted. But I'm presenting at a conference in a few months on strategies to help online writing faculty be more efficient. I'll be including a copy paste macro I created, and I thought it would be funny to trigger this macro at the end of my presentation. But I would need to let the screen fill up with display messages before hitting the space bar, and then close all those windows fairly quickly so I can get back to my presentation. When it happened the first time, I just hit the okay button on each individual window.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Class Reminder.kmmacros (4.8 KB)

I believe you can close the Display Text windows all at once by holding down the Option key and clicking on the close box of the front-most one.


That did it! Thank you so much.

You learn something new every day thanks to @mrpasini :+1:

Before today I used to restart the KM Engine to achieve this. Duh!

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