How to continue macro after "Alert" action?

The nested macro: "Select_PNG" selects a PNG icon in Finder and drags it to a target location in Chrome window: "LTAdmin | Enhancement". It works fine as long as the user has not navigated away from the appropriate Chrome Tab. I could have KM select the Tab by "Number" but not by name, so I tried to add an Alert asking the user to choose the right tab before proceeding. I cannot "Open" the correct URL because the user is already logged in and has a floating window open in the appropriate tab.

Updated Question: How do I make the macro automatically loop back to the beginning of this macro after the user has clicked "Continue"?

2)Move Cursor to PNG icon.kmmacros (3.6 KB)

As far as I know KM doesn't have a way to loop back to a previous action in a macro unless it's part of an explicit loop action, but you can just repeat the actions you want like this to achieve the same effect:

2)Move Cursor to PNG icon.kmmacros (5.3 KB)

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I'm not sure if your question has been answered or not, but the simple answer is this:
Put your entire macro in a loop using a While action (KM Wiki) like this:

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Thanks to you both. Iā€™m still evaluating the advantages of each, in my specific flow. This is just part of a larger macro with lots of moving parts.