How to copy and paste actions from one macro to another?

This sounds like the dumbest question to me, but for the life of me when I select several actions in one macro using command-C how do I then paste them in as new actions into another macro. Paste (command-V) in the Edit menu is disabled. So how do I do it?

Searching here reveals that it should be possible, but not for me!

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I also needed a moment to get it out @tiffle :wink:

Select your actions in your macro (copy). In the target macro (paste) simply click on an action and then you can insert your actions.

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if you want to paste the copied actions into a new macro, this is similar to @tiffle.

You just need to first select an Action in the target Macro where you want to paste the Actions. It will then paste AFTER that Action.

You can also paste into an empty macro by clicking into the "actions" field so that the list of actions pops up. Then just click ⌘-V like normal.

OK - thanks for the replies to my dumb question. I again tried all of your suggestions but it still wasn't working for me. However, I've found what the problem was: I'm using the Copied clipboard manager which allows you to set up rules that do different things depending on what app you're currently working in. I had not set up a rule for KM so Copied was using its default rule which was set to copy items as plain text. That meant that when I wanted to paste action items I'd just copied they had been converted to plain text in the clipboard and so they were no longer actions that could be pasted back into KM.

So - thanks again for the help and I hope my dumbness can help someone else in the future :wink:

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Thank you for your feedback @tiffle
I myself use the Copied App and have no problems with it so far. Under "Default" I haven't set anything myself, but the copied actions are displayed as plan text and are probably taken over as such. This doesn't cause me any problems when pasting.
I keep an eye on it :face_with_monocle: