How to copy the highlighted folder to another folder


I've searched extensively, but can't find this exact question answered anywhere, so I don't even know if it's possible. All I know is that I can not figure it out.

I'd simply like to take the highlighted folder & copy it to another existing folder location.

Would it be possible for anyone to please help me?

Thank you so much!

Hey, Doren. Welcome to the forum!

Have a look at File Actions. Is the folder you want to copy to always the same?

This example will copy the selected file or folder in Finder (using the %FinderSelection% token) to the Desktop. Just change the destination to suit your needs.


Awesome! Thank you, but I don’t seem to have that File Action. I have a Copy a File, but not Copy File. How do I find that Action? Thanks!

The action's "name" will change from "Copy a File" to "Copy File..." when you set the "Copy" text box to %FinderSelection%.

Similar behaviour is common across many KM actions, which is either really cool (it's easy to see from the action name what's happening) or really annoying (it can be hard to find the "base" action when someone is showing you one with options set).

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Oh, gotcha. It worked perfectly! Thank you so much!!!