How to Copy the Selection in Safari to a RTF Document in TextEdit

My macro is to get
date- time
Safari Title & URL
any text which has been copied to a clipboard (Clipboard 4)

Due to (the more advanced) AppleScripts suddenly not working anymore (OSX Mojave - it did until recently) this is completely in KM.

So my question is how to have only 1 keyboard Hot Key, instead of 2

  • 1st: I copy some text to Clipboard 4

  • 2nd: I start the macro itself (which uses the Systemclipboard & pastes it to Clipboard 7.

How only use only 1 keyboard Hot Key?


with best regards, Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden

Send_webinput to webinput_e KM Macro (v10.0)

Is this text being copied from the web page whose title and URL you want to record, or is it coming from elsewhere?

It's copied from the same web page.

Then you can do away with most of what you have and use something like the following -- I've used the System Clipboard, which may not suit you, and you'll have to change the second action's document reference and the third's title test to match your document path and title.

Select text in Safari, trigger the keyboard shortcut, and off you go...

Safari Clipping to Text Doc.kmmacros (3.5 KB)

Macro Image

Simple & robust!

… and much faster!

Thank you @Nige_S