How to create a dynamic form?


I'm looking to build a dynamic form, that will show options based on earlier variables. Furthermore, I'd like it to display the text and have selectors in between to choose option. I am now stuck with "Prompt for User Input" followed by Insert Text by pasting, but this is limited in what I want. It just asks for input of variables without surrounding text, and it is not dynamic. What I would like is the following:

The animal in front of me is called [Name] . It is a [Cat/Dog/Mouse].

What I'd like to happen: If Dog is selected from the drop down, there will be another question with

She is considered as [a nice dog/not a nice dog].

If Cat or Mouse are selected, this extra text is not displayed in the form and not pasted in the text later. Is this possible?

Custom HTML Prompts are what you're after here, and you can use javascript to populate selection lists dynamically based on list selections.

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@johns has it right. I'd just add you can expand the apparent HTML window using the largest window you need set to be transparent with an opaque (or less transparent) window overlaying that grows as you need more display space (to the limit of the transparent base window).

As for you variables, you'll have to use JavaScript to write them to the HTML window. As in:


Hope that helps!