How to create a macro hot key for youtube playback speed

I'd like to create a macro hot key that would allowed to change the playback speed of youtube videos, , i am still new on keyboard maestro and i'd love to be able to do that, BUT when i am on youtube only, which means that this macro would be working only when i am on youtube website, and not on my computer system.

Check out an extension called Improve Youtube!, which allows you to set hotkeys to change playback speed. If this one doesn't do it in a way that suits you, have a google for other YouTube extensions, as there are a few that offer similar functionality.

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thanks that was very useful!

Have you tried YouTube's built-in facility to do this?

Press ">" to speed up the video playback rate.
Press "<" to slow down the video playback rate.

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kevinb: I've also been trying to create a Keyboard Maestro macro to speed up this three click process, and having problems. Thank you so much for showing me that YouTube has a built in keyboard shortcut for this, eliminating the need for a KM macro.

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