How to create a timed trigger which has a range of trigger times

Hi guys,

I'm getting a bit stuck in my attempts to create a time trigger that can trigger between a range of times and was wondering if someone could help.

I'm trying to create a trigger that can automatically switch me to a specified network location when I get on my commuter train, but the problem is the exact time I get on changes and so a single timed trigger doesn't work. In essence what I'm after is a macro that follows the rule: if the time is any minute between between 7:00am and 8:00am, Monday to Friday then set network location to X, if the time is outside this time (i.e. between 8:01am to 6:59am) then set Network location to Y.

I've done some digging around with the TIME function, but it's a bit beyond my beginner capabilities so any advice/pointers appreciated.



Hey Rob,

Look at the Periodically while logged in trigger.


Ah, d'oh so simple - yes thank you so much for the pointer Chris. I didn't think to look down the trigger route. Really appreciate your response.