How to Create an Application-Specific Macro Group

Just downloaded the demo as having issues with QuicKeys after switching to High Sierra from an older OS.

Have created a couple of new macros. along these lines

Protools shuttle solo

Triggered by any of the following:

  • The Hot Key ⌥S is pressed
  • While application “Pro Tools” is active, repeating every 1 minute

Will execute the following actions:

  • Type the ⌃Key Pad 5 Keystroke

They seem to work fine but if I switch to another program then switch back into the target program its. sometimes triggering one of the keystrokes I have programmed

I'm using command tab to switch applications usually.

I'm also running. TouchOSC in the background, but quitting KM stops this behaviour.

suspect could be the repeats every min,

is there a better way of 'saying' this key stroke is only whilst this application is on top

have set repeat to 9999999 mins.... :smiley:

Assuming the macro is always active (ie, it is not in a macro group that itself has activation conditions), then the macro will trigger once every minute, if the application is active at that time. If you deactivate and reactivate the application within a minute, then the next trigger will still happen a minute after the previous one. If you deactivate the application, and reactivate it after the trigger would have fired, then it will fire when the application triggers, and then again a minute after that (if the application is active at that time).

Aha! Thanks for the hint – organize by folder and you can focus them as group on particular app.