How to Create Minimalist Windows with Different Titles

I'm exploring an idea where I would need to create a small app that would create windows. That's it. This would be an enhancement to a KBM project I'm working on, not part of the main thread of the macro set.

Each window will need a separate title. If the body of the window has some text or displays a one-pixel image, I don't care. The point, in my idea so far, is to have a window with a distinct title where I can move that window around and bring it to the front, query it's location on the screen, etc.

I think I want something like a "Hello, World!" app where I can have it open additional windows with new titles on each. I can't find where to start.

I can create a small AppleScript that "does things" and save it as an app, and I can look at the contents of that app bundle and see the plist and the Resources, etc. But I haven't been able to find how to create a generic window with AppleScript. The saved AS app does not have a window of its own, and AppleScript seems to only be able to open other apps which make windows.

My searching has come up to where it looks like I would need some Objective-C stuff or some Swift stuff to actually make an app that opened a window, and I haven't been able to tell how much more complicated opening additional windows would be.

At this point, I'm enamored of the possibility of this fancy enhancement, but I don't want it to become a rabbit hole that sucks me away from the main thread of what I'm working on.

If someone has done this kind of thing before, or can point me to AppleScript or Swift tutorials that are at this level, that might be a help.


AppleScript can't, though you might be able to find a scripting addition that helps (Pashua, IIRC, only did dialogs which I don't think will work for you. Smile might be able to, but then you're back to scripting a full app.). Any SwiftUI tutorial should show you how to create windows -- but then you're into a whole lot more than a few lines of code!

Have you considered spoofing it, eg with Finder windows? Create the folder structure you want in /tmp and you can rename folders to change window titles, open windows with KM or AppleScript, move them around just as usual, etc, etc.