How to create Smart Group with Search String that contains "And"

I'd like to create a Smart Group with the following parameters:

use:5m and -name:Bad Macro

In other words words, this smart folder should find macros used in the past 5mins, excluding one named "Bad Macro".

However looking through the forum and Wiki I'm struggling to find an example of how to do this. Does anyone know how? Thanks in advance!

I think Mac has a feature that offers smart folder in finder.

Everything in a single Smart Group condition is "and"ed, while each extra condition is an "or". And you'll want to quote "Bad Macro" to use it as a single string. So:

use:5m -name:"Bad Macro"

...will do what you want, while:
First condition use:5m
Second condition: name:"Bad Macro"
...will get you a list of every macro run in the last 5m plus every macro with "Bad Macro" in its name.