How to deactivate variable autofill?

I use variables a LOT (of course), and every day I'm adding and changing many. I almost always just use the most basic names for ease, like 'a' 'b' 'c' etc. The problem is that Keyboard Maestro likes to autofill variable names if I leave the cursor there (by or between the percentage signs) for more than a second. I then have to delete the autofilled variable name, and sometimes it does it just as I'm tabbing or clicking to a different section so I have to go back to that section and redo the variable name. This doesn't even just happen sometimes; this happens a LOT, even with me trying to make sure and never leave the cursor near a variable or percentage sign too long.

My first line of defence was to eliminate other variable names I'd created starting with any letter other than z and starting them all with zzz to keep them separate. So if one of my rare longer variable names had been say 'apple' I made it 'zzzapple'. This helped a tiny bit on my end, however there are many many permanent variable names built into the Keyboard Maestro software, such as 'calculate', etc.

These are constantly autofilling into my variables when I'm writing them and over the long haul it takes up a lot of time constantly undoing the autofills. How can I turn the autofilling of variables off to prevent this? Thanks.

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I fully understand. I also find the KM autocomplete of KM Variable names to be far more hinderance than helpful.

You have to use a hidden, special KM Preference to turn OFF variable autocomplete:
KM Hidden Preferences

paste this command in Terminal:

defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.editor AutomaticCompletion -bool NO

You may need to restart the KM Editor app.

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A couple of days ago I have re-enabled the auto completion, just to see if it has maybe improved.

But it is still catastrophic and destructive. Just fixed an action where I apparently have missed that KM auto-complete had inserted some complete nonsense – presumably without any confirmation. (A variable name from a completely unrelated macro, just because it had found a common word in the name.)

Well, back to AutomaticCompletion -bool NO

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Most of the time I really like auto-complete. While I really like most of KM, I strongly dislike, and don't use, KM auto-complete.

The Automatic Completions setting is in the Edit menu if you'd like to turn it off.

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