How to delete a new message in

Editing a new message and after entering a To Address, if I decide to delete the message then I can either click on the Red gum drop or type CMD W to close. In both cases, a window with title "Save this messages as a Draft?" appears with 3 choices:
Save (the default), Don't Save, or Cancel. I would like a keyboard macro to type Cmd W and select Don't Save.
Thanks in advance for help on this. John.

Save as Draft? image attached.
Save as draft

You can write a macro for this, but you'll save exactly one keyboard shortcut: Command-Delete will close without saving.

As a macro, you'd have two Send Keystroke commands: Command-W and then Command-Delete.


TU Griffman,
There are two delete keys on my keyboard. One on right, two rows above the return key labeled “Delete” (delete #1) and another under the function key with an "X" in a 5-sided icon (delete #2). I am not sure what the 2nd is one called.

When I type Cmd-Delete#1 nothing happens.
When I type Cmd-Delete#2 the computer beeps and does nothing.

Note, there is already an address in the To address field.


I'm using the Delete key above the backslash key, at the end of the number row. And it definitely closes the message even with something in the To field, because it's the equivalent of clicking the "Don't Save" button.

Does Command-D work for you? It should, as that also works here.


I wish I had your keyboard. None of your suggestions work for me, including Cmd-D.
Is there a System Settings that s/b changed?

What version of macOS are you running? And I'm just using the built-in keyboard on a MBP.


I just tested with Full Keyboard Navigation off, and it works the same. What keyboard are you using?


Sonma 14.5
Mail 16.0
KM 11.0.3

On Mac Studio with Apple Magic keyboard.

I will test on my MacBook Air.

Maybe the language setting? Mine's US English.


I finally got it to work.
I did not realize the cmd-D was to be executed after the cmd-W window was displayed.
Now I have a macro with 2 keystrokes and all is well.
THANKS for your help.

Sorry, I thought I explained it that way, but I guess it wasn't clear—those keystrokes are used after Command-W. Glad it's all sorted!