How to detect apple Studio Display

Hi, I was using the This USB device trigger macro with the exact name of my LG UltraFine Display Camera is attached to trigger a macro and it worked fine. Now, I moved to the new Apple Studio Display, but the camera is not listed in the USB device so I'm wondering how I could get the same results.


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Hey Jeff,

Have a look in the USB section of the System Information app.


Also look at the Camera and Graphics/Displays sections.

I'll be a bit surprised if the camera shows up as an available USB device area, since the monitor is Thunderbolt – but I haven't ever had a Thunderbolt monitor to test.

How do you like the Apple Studio Display?

Did you buy the the normal one or the one with the Nano-textured glass?

I'm thinking about buying the normal one.


Hey Chris,

Thanks, I had looked and could see something in the USB part identified as Studio Display, but didn't think it would work, but it did! So everything working as it should.

It's a bit early to give my recommendation since I just got the thing, but so far so good. I didn't update to 12.3 though, so not all feature work (like the center stage and color profiles to match my MacBook Pro 16 M1 Max) Speed of the USB ports is twice as fast as the LG UltraFine 5k that it replaces and thank God, no more ghosting, which was the reason I wanted to change it. Still have to calibrate it and all and the camera is a bit grainy but compared to most people, it's still pretty good. Hopefully it will be fixed with a software update. I did chose the base model with normal glass with the standard stand which was the exact same height I had set my LG. I don't see any reflection but then, I'm in my basement with only a little window. When I was at the Apple store, which was WAY brighter with windows everywhere, I couldn't notice much reflection either so I think you'd be ok with the normal glass.