How to detect if clipboard changes?

I am trying to detect when the system clipboard changes. I know this post explains the CLIPBOARDSEED() method, but is there a way to test solely based on clipboard contents?—if the same word if copied from different sources, the CLIPBOARDSEED() method fails.

Ended up using this method:

I don't see how that solves the problem. If you copy the same word twice then CliopBefore will be the same as ClipAfter.

That is NOT my observation. This macro reports the clipboard has changed even when I copy the same word from the same app (BBEdit):


For some reason it worked for me. Sometimes you just don't question it!

For completeness, I would mention there is a Trigger (Clipboard Changed Trigger) which will allow you to launch a Macro whenever the system clipboard changes. It will register a change even if the actual value is the same (for example if you copied the same word a second time).

In some circumstances, this will meet your needs. If you need to detect such a change in the depth of a more complex macro, then the more general method outlined above might be necessary.

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