How to Detect What Macro is Causing a Sporadically Outputted ‘the’ on Paste

Hi folks, I have a slightly hard to describe problem that I wonder if anyone can help with. I have a problem with the word 'the' randomly appearing when I paste something (i.e instead of pasting the thing I intended to paste the word 'the' appears). I have a hundred or so KM macros, some of which involve saving things to clipboard so I figure I must have a badly written macro which is inserting the word 'the' into the system clipboard after a trigger which I'm not aware I'm doing.

The problem is it's completely sporadic, try as I might I can't find a way to consistently replicate it. It happens about once or twice a day but it never seems to be linked to the macro I've just triggered which is boggling my brain. I'm trying to diagnose but searching the KM search box for 'the' isn't proving much help as pretty much every macro appears.

Is there a better way to diagnose this issue - is there a way to see a list of all the recent macros that have been triggered or to more easily see what's being sent to system clipboard by each macro so I can hunt down the broken one?

Thanks (and sorry it's such ill-defined problem)


In KM Editor you can select the "All Macros" Group and then "View"->"Sort Macros by..."->"Date Used". You can also "View"->"Select Macro"->"Last Used" to go straight to the last used macro.

There's also "Open Logs Folder" in the Editor's "Help" menu. You can then open the Engine.log file in Console or a text editor and see which macros have been run, when, and what triggered them.

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Brilliant, thanks Nige_S I'll diagnose. Much appreciated.