How to do this: IF: (Image is not found) THEN: Skip Click & Clear Clipboard

Currently a part of process I'm creating is

  1. Move and Triple Click at (250,0) from the Center of Found Image
  2. Copy to named clipboard: clipboard 3

The purpose of this is to copy a email address. The email is next to an icon which is the found image.

Sometimes no email is available so if it isn't and the email icon isn't there I'd want to skip that triple click, skip the copy to named clipboard 3, and instead clear clipboard 3.

So I'd want to do this:

IF(image is not found)

  1. Skip Triple Click
  2. Skip Copy to Clipboard Three
  3. Clear Clipboard Three

I couldn't figure out how to do this.

I'm get to your specific request in a moment, but first I'd like to suggest that you use KM Found Image as a solution of last resort.

  • There are many things that can easily change that cause this to fail
  • There are usually other solutions that are much more reliable

So, if you'd like to give us the app (or URL), a screenshot, of the window containing the email address you want, we may be able to suggest better solutions.

Now, to you specific request, which is sometimes needed.
Simply use a If Then Else action with a Found Image condition (note the example uses a "Pause Until" action but also works with a "IF/THEN" action).

If you need further help setting that up, just let us know.

Thanks for helpwith setting up the If Then, stuff figured it out!

So far for my purposes with the found image stuff I had a lot of issues setting it up but once it worked it's worked pretty well. Definitely want to improve the process with scripts, using the code of the website in the future but it's hard to share the website or a screenshot of the website since #1 it requires a login and #2 it has a lot of sensitive information on it, in the future I'll replace everything with generic info and ask for help but thats a bit of an endeavor