How to download macro from GitHub?

Bernardo Vasconcelos uploaded a macro to use Tinderbox more easily on to GitHub. How do I download and install it. It seems to be broken into many files of Applescript.
I am a total newbee.

Ellen Madono

The link you provided does NOT link to any KM Macros. They are all AppleScripts.
Furthermore, for some strange reason he has embedded the scripts in a markdown file -- highly unusual.

IAC, to get to the AppleScript, you can just copy from the displayed Markdown page, or click on the "RAW" button to display plain text:

If you were expecting a KM Macro, then you need to contact the author for further instructions.

I am sorry. I now see a link back to KBM forum. But it does not work. The discussion comes from EastGate TBX forum
Apparently the file is in Keyboard-maestro but I can't find it. It links devon think 3 and TBX using KBM (I think)