How to drag to variable image location


I’m attempting to create a macro that selects text that changes (whether a small or larger paragraph). Both the beginning and the end of the paragraph have coordinates based on images I can use to move the mouse to but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to enter the variable coordinate data to the “and drag to” field.

Hope that makes sense and appreciate any help you can give.


@JMichaelTX just posted a simple solution for this:

Sorry, here's the clarification.

I already know where my first click is going to be, I just need the second click (the drag part) to be a variable. Not sure how I can do that.

Thanks Peter, first time asking for help but I've seen your name all over these forums. Appreciate your time.

You can get the destinaton (the drag part) by either of these KM Actions:

  1. If your mouse is over the destination, then just use the KM Token %CurrentMouse%
  2. If the destination is another image, use the Found Image Action like I did in this macro:
    Drag and Drop - #8 by JMichaelTX