How to Elegantly Combine to Clipboards Into One?

Let us say the named clipboard A.) contains:


And the named Clipboard B.) contains:

/Applications/Utilities/System STAR.pdf

How to within KM, combine the clipboards A+C, resulting in clipboard C which the end result should be:

file:///Applications/Utilities/System STAR.pdf

(in other words a filepath).

I know pasting in two steps is an option...... But other ways? Combining A and B?

I use Clipboard1 and Clipboard2, equals to your Clipboard A and Clipboard B.


use Insert Text by Pasting Action



use Set Variable to text Action


Just like put two small bottles of water into one large bottle, you need this one large bottle.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

:wink: Happy to help!

Hey Saimen,

Just an FYI.

It's generally better to use variables for this sort of thing rather than named clipboards.

Usually the only reason to use a named clipboard is to store something other than plain text, like styled-text, an image, or some other MIME-Type.


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Thanks Christopher! Appreciated! :slight_smile:

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