How to enable/disable Chrome (Brave) extensions quickly?

I have some chrome extensions that have kind of access that might be not good for security reasons.
For example,

So I tend to disable them before putting passwords or accessing sensitive/private information or sites.

Currently I am doing this in a very crude way using keyboard keys simulation.
Here's a screenshot of actions to give you an idea. (I turn Vim extension off when I have to put password using LastPass extension. And In order to not put passwords using LastPass while Vim is ON, I usually turn LastPass off whenever I turn Vim ON.)

I do this action pretty often hence looking for a quicker way to execute this. I am looking for a way to achieve this in Brave browser.

I don't use Brave, but could you maybe do something like this:

  1. Quit Brave
  2. In Finder, use Keyboard Maestro to rename those extension folders you don't want active—this should cause Brave to fail to find them, maybe?
  3. Launch Brave
  4. Do your stuff
  5. Quit Brave
  6. Rename the extensions back to what they were

I'm not sure that's any better than simulating keystrokes, though. Not sure what else to suggest...


This is not ideal for me. I have tabs open. I do this in the middle of my work in a specific tab.

It can be faster if it doesn't require us to close the browser.

I currently, reload my current tab, after I turn extensions ON/OFF. I wonder if reloading tab would be enough rather than closing the browser entirely.

There are a few extension managers on the Chrome web store, and I believe that most extensions are compatible with Brave. Perhaps one of those will make your life easier?

Thanks. I'll check those out.