How to fake a "when a focused window title starts with" macros group setting?

Spent the last few days creating different macros for different macros groups. All those macros groups are websites, meaning I had to set one of the group settings to "Available when a focused window title contains" in order to make them work.

Works pretty well, 90% of the time. But, for example, on, I use Keyboard Maestro to simulate a Vimium command.

Keyboard Maestro simulates typing a keyboard key. It is supposed to bring me to the leftest tab of the frontmost window. But, because, Github has built-in keyboard shortcuts, it makes the Keyboard Maestro macro "crash". Instead of bringing me to the leftest tab of the browser frontmost window, it sets the focus to the Github search bar.

I am looking for a solution to this with an open mind. Changing my Vimium setting is one.

Having the ability to trigger macros only on website whose title starts with... would be awesome for this use case and at least another one that I encountered but do not remember well enough to talk about it.

Maybe, I could also add one condition in my macro, not macros groups, so that the macro only triggers the way I want.

As this, is out of my area of expertise, here is my question.

Presumably, you found a solution, but in case anyone else finds this while searching for a similar answer...

Without getting into the intricacies of what you actually want to do on each site, here's a way to trigger actions when the front browser's URL matches an entry in a Switch/Case group:

Website Actions.kmmacros (49 KB)

Macro screenshot

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Great minds think alike. @gglick made a similar suggestion to a similar problem: