How to filter system clipboard to image type?

I just copied the text and the image (or the image and the text, the order is not fixed), I want to paste the image without pasting the text.

In any case, I can paste the picture with just one shortcut for Keyboard Maestro.

So my question is: how to paste the picture in the clipboard, this is my clipboard:

I'm not sure I fully understand the question. A fuller explanation of the full workflow might be helpful, but I'll help if I can.
You can use the action 'Paste' to past the current system clipboard.
If you wanted to paste the second item in your clipboard (as in the image on the left), you could use 'Insert Text by pasting' and paste: %PastClipboard%1% (to paste the first item, like the image on the right, it would be: %PastClipboard%0%.

If it will always be different, you could try assigning a hot key to this macro:

Hope that helps, feel free to ask more questions.

Thank you for your help to the novice, :hugs: I have solved the problem according to your steps.

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If you have both text and an image on the same clipboard, then I don't see how the above would paste only the image.

Ah yes. I see what you mean. I took it to mean that @guxianbang had performed two different copy actions, and so the text and image were in their clipboard history, as two different entries, and my solution pasted whichever of the last two 'copy' actions was an image. That's what I got from the image that was pasted. By clipboard, I assumed guxianbang meant clipboard history.

I may have assumed correctly based on the response, but I certainly see your point. Separating text and image on the same clipboard would be an entirely different matter.

Yes, what I want to express is this. thank you.