How to find a macro with two keyboard triggers?

Occasionally I deliberately create a macro with two hot key triggers (e.g. ctrl-1 and ctrl-2 both triggering the same macro). When I sort macros by trigger only the first trigger is listed. The second does not appear in the list and I haven’t found any way of identifying macros with a second trigger (other than by inspecting every macro individually).

Is there a way of doing this?

From my experience, "Sort Macros by Trigger" follows these rules:

  • With multiple Hot Key triggers, sort using the first one
  • With multiple Typed String triggers, sort using the first one
  • With a mixture of Hot Key and Typed String triggers, use the first Hot Key trigger

I'm not aware of any way to change this sort behavior.

To find specific triggers, take a look at Search Strings.

If you're looking specifically for any macros with multiple triggers, give this a go:

Find Macros with multiple Triggers.kmmacros (1.8 KB)

Macro image

To search in a specific group, change this line:
set macroList to every macro
To this:
set macroList to every macro of macro group "Group Name"


That’s brilliant! Thank you so much!

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Thanks, It also helped me.


Just added this to my KM Tools Palette.
Thanks very much!

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Risking not adding anything, but the search field searches triggers by default. I've just put my triggers in the search field to find the bound macros.

You can use the standard characters for modifier keys, e.g.: ⌃, ⌥, ⇧, ⌘. (And, in its brilliantly user-first way, Keyboard Maestro processes triggers typed in the search field. I can type my string trigger for any of those characters in the search field and the macro is executed.)

In case I don't learn "t:" to limit search to triggers. And note that you must not allow a space character after "t:" (or any Search Qualifier I assume) in the search field.

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For anyone who put this in their toolbox, I've made some improvements and posted it in the Macro Library: