How to find Evernote Notebook link

I am many articles of reference archived in Evernote, which I can access in KBM using the ‘classic’ note link (Option Rt Click on Note - Copy Classic Note Link).
I am unable how to figure out how to create link to Evernote Notebooks (instead of individual notes). I tried in vain dissecting the Notebook Link out of the Note Link.
Would someone have an idea?
Thanks very much !

If anyone knows, @JMichaelTX will.

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Evernote does NOT support any type of Notebook link.

But you could create a KM macro that sets the Evernote app to filter for a selected Notebook.
Tell me more about your actual use case, and I'll try to provide specifics.
Are you wanting for the user to select text, which is the NB name, in any app and then open Evernote filtered for that NB? Or something else?

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I just thought that a link would be faster.
My alternative is to open evernote, press Opt-Cmd-2 (goto Notebooks).
After that you just have to enter the notebook name followed by Enter and you are in the notebook.
I seem to remember that you used a search function and more complicated macro to get to the same result, but I am probably confused.
I am not sure you realized that after typing Opt-Cmd-2, anything you type will automatically filter out the notebook. There is no need to 'go to the searchbox.
thanks for your comment.