How To Find Links in Obfuscated Code?

Hello, this question is unrelated to KM, but perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.

I'm a user of, a stock charting platform. I had a script that read the HTML of my chart list, so I could find the URLs for the specific stocks that I own, or watch every day. It worked fine...until the company's recent update. Now the code doesn't contain any useful readable code, no links, none of the text that I need to look for.

The code is not purposely obfuscated that I can see, there are no huge blocks of javascript that's obviously there to keep humans from reading it. I can't tell how I could access the links, but perhaps they're in some file I could access?

EDIT, I can't give the code here easily, but I've pretty much figures out that the body of the website is inside this code

<div id="scc-memdash">
    <div id="dash-body">

So basically, there's a header and footer, and all the important stuff is inside the above code, which I can't "see" at all. Are there any other suggestions about how to read data from a web browser?