How to Find the Macro You Assigned to a Hotkey Trigger (Long Ago)

How to find the macro that you have assigned to a keyboard shortcut, perhaps it is better to say:

How to find the macro that belongs to a keyboard shortcut?

Of course I can sort on the column with the keyboard shortcuts, but I find it difficult to find e.g. Ctrl+Alt+Comma. (My eyes/the commas look like apostrophes etc.)

So I came up with this: I created an empty macro and assigned the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Comma to it.

Then I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Comma and got the Conflict palette. There I found the macro that I was looking for.

I guess that it is not possible to see in the Keyboard Maestro interface directly what macro belongs to a keyboard shortcut, by pressing it?

You could use KM’s macro debugger and set it so macros start paused and then trigger your shortcut; the debugger will then show which macro was just triggered (and started paused). See the KM wiki manual:Macro Debugger [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

I haven’t tried this myself (as I’m nowhere near my Mac) but it should work.

How about sorting your Macro by shortcut, see here.

You can then search alphabetically for your shortcut.

Use the search box, top-right of the Editor window. Select the "All Macros" Smart Group then enter:


That will also include ⌘⌃⌥, triggers, but you can refine the search by using:

hotkey:⌃⌥, -hotkey:⌘

...and you can add more terms to filter by hotkey and name. It uses the same search strings as Smart Groups, and you can see those here.

Hey Guys,

Remember – it's no longer necessary to mess around and sort macros by date to get to the last used macro.

Peter made this dead simple a few versions back: