How to "Flash" Screen/Display or Other Quick Visual Notification?

My Stream Deck buttons require a little more force than they probably should. And some of the shortcuts I run from them are in the background. I need a notification to know the macro ran.

Things I've tried:

  • "Play a sound" is drowned out by music if from Mac. Or, if sent to airplay speakers, will be too loud, or cause airplay music to skip, annoying.
  • Official KM plugin for Stream Deck but much prefer "KM link", which doesn't have the dynamic button updating
  • Display text (large) - lingers on screen too long.
  • Display text or alert in window - requires clicking away.
  • Display Mac/KM notification - I use focus modes and usually have these disabled, especially for KM because defaults for actions are to display notification when timed out, when macro fails, etc. So KM is sending me 100 notifications every day.

What I would like / workaround:

  • Ideally Just a quick flash of the screen.
  • There are other "screen display" notifications like changing the brightness or volume that work ok. Have to make two of them for every action (one plus, one minus).

You could try inverting the screen colours twice in quick succession. The standard keyboard shortcut for this is Ctrl + Opt + Cmd + 8. Just execute it twice.

Alternatively, there is an option in the Accessibility preference pane (Audio Section) to flash the screen when an alert sound is played. You just need to turn this on and generate a system beep.

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You know you can adjust the length that those stay on the screen right?

EDIT: Apologies if that came across curt; I’m under the weather today and exhausted. :sweat_smile:

But check out this link.


Wow! I had no idea this existed. There's a "delay between actions" too! No more creating 10 "Pause for 1 second" for macros :joy: Thank you!

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You’re welcome! It took me some time before I discovered that gem too. :sweat_smile: