How to focus on a search bar in a website with Safari

I searched everywhere on the forum but couldn't really find anything to help me with the task.

I want to make a macro that on this website will focus on a search bar here :

I inspected the element and it is of id "your-repos-filter". I am however not sure how to click on it. I searched for clicking on ID's but didn't get any good results.

Thank you for any help.

You might need some javascript in the browser.

Which isn’t (quite) restating the problem.

Use the “Select Safari Field” in Keyboard Maestro.

Besides that i understand deanishe’s side on the Alfred Forum… I don’t think you check yourself before you post. Do some searching and just sorry to say use your brain.

I’m seeing more and more posts (here and Alfred forum) where you ask for things that are actually already there and should be seen with open eyes. Can’t understand that you searched therefore.
I opened Keyboard Maestro and searched Actions for “Safari” and there it is.

This is not meant to be rude, but to open your eyes.



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Thank you @FroZen_X

It even gives you actual fields available, that's so cool. And it worked in the end. Here is the macro I am using if anyone is interested :

m - main actions.kmmacros (28.8 KB)

If looking at a GitHub profile, it would go to repos and initiate a search.

You are right, @FroZen_X, I don't use my brain quite often. No offence taken.

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