How to Get a Window by Title Stored in a Clipboard to the front

I'm trying to capture a window title to a clipboard and then get that title to bring the window to the front in a different macro.

Perhaps I should be using variables instead of clipboards? I'm a little green on using variables, but if that's the way to do this, let me know!


How are you getting the title in the first place?

Generally, yes, a variable will be better for this, but it depends where the window title is coming from…?

Hey Aaron,

Rule-of-the-thumb – Never use Named Clipboards when you can use Variables instead.

When asking questions like this please provide a little more detail like:

  • What app you're working with.
  • How you're capturing window titles (as Peter asked).
  • Etcetera.

A little context goes a long way toward helping people help you.