How to get right-click to ignore location?

This feature must be there but I’m missing it: Right-clicks are recorded by location, and I’d like a right click that assumes my pointer is located where I want it. And actually, that’s true of any mouse-based action that captures a location: Please just assume that I’m already pointing to the correct location.

Many apps have keyboard controls that can be executed from a right-click, as in right-click > G > Return does what you want, but if the window moves around, your macro might not work.

What location might that be? If you can determine where you want the click, Keyboard Maestro can click it there for you, but if not, the how would Keyboard Maestro?

If I’m understanding this correctly, the idea of assuming the user is “already pointing to the correct location” suggests the approach here is to use the Move Or Click Mouse action in Keyboard Maestro with the horizontal and vertical coordinates both set to zero (0).