How to get the coordinates where the cursor is?


In a macro I’m trying to create, it triple clicks on the current cursor position on a page in Chrome (to highlight the whole string), copies the string and pastes it in Excel.

Then, back to Chrome I need the cursor to move to another part of the page and do all the above with another string.

My problem is that the 2nd spot needs to be relative to the lst one (wherever the lst one was located, 35 pixels to the right). I think I have to add the 35 to the MOUSEX 0, but I
don’t know:

  1. Which action to use.
  • How to determine were the "coordinates“ of the 1st triple click were.

Thanks in advance for any help.

  1. Save your mouse location to a variable:

  1. Do your stuff.
  2. Restore the previous mouse location and do the next triple click relative to that location:


Thanks Tom!
Appreciate very much your help!
Will try tomorrow and come back here to tell you how it went.
Thanks again and good night.


I tried it and it worked like a charm!
Thanks Tom! Exactly what I needed!

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Credit where credit is due. This solved my mouse handling problems today. Thanks Tom!