How to Give Skitch Screen Recording Permissions?

Before I ask this question, this is NOT a KM-specific issue, but I am asking this here as I suspect this may be something that you folks will have an idea about.

I use a VERY old screenshot app called Skitch. It's well out of support but I still think it's the best screenshot for annotations etc.

I use this app on a number of apps but it has stopped working on one Mac. When I take a screenshot, it only captures the desktop wallpaper. It is as if it does not have permission for screen recording.

I have checked all the permissions an the app has Accessibility, screen recording and Full Disk Access permissions. I tried removing, re-adding to those permissions, re-starting but it simply won't play ball.

I do have some KM macros that use this app (to automate certain screenshotting tasks) so while I know that I could try another screenshot app, this is one that I am so used to and does things so well that I want to keep it going for as long as possible.

Any thoughts about what I could try?

I had the same issue and it was a permissions thing. One thing to try is to uninstall Skitch with AppCleaner and reinstall it. This should force it to ask for permissions again. Worked for me anyway.